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What is the syntax of Java Inheritance? Explain with example.




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The syntax of Java Inheritance is 

class Subclass-name extends Superclass-name
   //methods and fields
  • The extends keyword indicates that you are making a new class that derives from an existing class. The meaning of "extends" is to increase the functionality.
  • In the terminology of Java, a class which is inherited is called a parent or superclass, and the new class is called child or subclass.

In this example, we have a base class Teacher and a sub class PhysicsTeacher. Since class PhysicsTeacher extends the designation and college properties and work() method from base class, we need not to declare these properties and method in sub class.

Here we have collegeName, designation and work() method which are common to all the teachers so we have declared them in the base class, this way the child classes like MathTeacher, MusicTeacher and PhysicsTeacher do not need to write this code and can be used directly from base class.

class Teacher {
   String designation = "Teacher";
   String collegeName = "Pacific Polytechnic";
   void does(){

public class PhysicsTeacher extends Teacher{
   String mainSubject = "Physics";
   public static void main(String args[]){
    PhysicsTeacher obj = new PhysicsTeacher();

Output of the above program is:
Pacific Polytechnic 

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