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What is the role of desorption in the process of catalysis?




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In the heterogeneous catalysis carried over metal surface, adsorbed reactant species combine to form the products. They have to be desorbed from the surface so that more the reactants may be accommodated on the surface of the catalyst. Therefore, desorption has a specific role to play in the process of catalysis.

Answer / Solution

Desorption is a phenomenon where a substance is released from or through the surface.,It is opposite of sorption process.

Catalyst can be any chemical entity which helps in increasing the rate of reaction, but they donot itself take part in reaction i.e they just support the chemical reaction to occur effectively.

For catylytic action, the reactants gets adsorbed on the surface of the catalyst & gets converted into the product after the specified procedure. The product or the unreacted reactat has to be removed from the surface of catalyst,at this point the desorption process comes into the picture.desorption helps in removal of the reactant & product form the surface of catalyst & makes its free for the next reaction.

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