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Discuss the financial and judicial powers of the Parliament.


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Following are the financial and judicial powers of the Parliament.

Financial Powers of the Parliamemt:

  1. The Parliament enjoys control over the union finances.
  2. Every year the government places its budget before the legislature. and maintains order within the house vii The minimum age to become a member is 25 years. vii the minimum age to become a member is 30 years.
  3. The budget shows in detail the expected income of the government and the manner in which it would be spent.
  4. In addition to the budget, a finance bill is also introduced.
  5. It contains the proposal for new taxes as well as proposed changes in the existing taxes to meet the government expenditure.
  6. These proposals have to be approved by the legislature, failing which the government has to resign.

Judicial Powers of the Parliamemt::

  1. The Parliament has the power to remove the president and vice-president of India through the process of impeachment.
  2. It can also recommend to the president the removal of a judge of Supreme Court or High Court.
  3. Similar recommendations can be made about the chief election commissioner and auditor general.

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